Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aynsley China Crown Plate £44.95 COMW61714 - Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs

There are many ways to celebrate Queen Elizabth's accession to the throne since 1952, for the Diamond Jubilee - 60 years. One way is to visit the areas of England that she is visiting during 2012, she started off in Leicester and will end her tour in South East England at the end of July.

Another way to do this and treasure this moment in time would be to buy your very own Diamond Jubilee souvenir gift, a piece of memorabilia is the perfect way to treasure a moment.  One beautiful piece of fine bone china, is the hand made by Aynsley China Crown plate £44.95 (COMW61714) in Stoke-on-Trent which features the Queen's Coat of Arms and Kings & Queen's of England and can be purchase at Wheelers Luxury Gifts  The Aynsley China Crown plate features dates of the Kings & Queen's reign with her name Elizabeth II and the text 'Long May She Reign'.

View more pictures and details of the Aynsley China Crown plate  at Wheelers Luxury Gifts

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Below are pictures of the Aynsley China Crown plate.

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