Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Papilio Aneeza London - Diamond Jubilee - Royal Cypher Picture -Photo Album £995 - Collectable - London Weddings

We have just received a delivery of a very special commemorative item from Papilio/Aneeza London at Wheelers Luxury gifts for the The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Papilio/Aneeza London present the Diamond Jubilee 2012 Royal Cypher Picture/Photo Album souvenir created from high quality nappa leather, supporting over 2000 Swarovski Crystals with a new laser method ensuring each piece is securely placed.

The picture album is 30 x 30 cm large, has luxury paper interior, and presented beautifully in a hand-made presentation box which comes wrapped in Japanese paper and a silk cover.

The perfect piece of Diamond Jubilee memorabilia to own and cherish to support and respect this momentous occasion.  The perfect gift for a couple to be wed, engaged or about get married to store their photos and pictures within.  The sort of item to be found within the city of London.  The Diamond Jubilee picture/photo frame for London weddings and presents - just a thought.

We provide Free U.K. delivery and will delivery worldwide.  Take a look and see what you think.

The Papilio/Aneeza London Album costs just £995.

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Carolyn Sadowska, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

A very generous helping of laughter with the Queen - of Comedy Carolyn Sadowska.
A select grouping of her fantastic holiday cards.
Check out this Queens site: Laugh with Liz

Monday, May 28, 2012

Halcyon Days Royal Portrait Mug - Cup £25 back in stock! Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Gifts

The Halcyon Days Diamond Jubilee commemorative souvenir gift is now back in stock at Wheelers Luxury Gifts after selling out recently.  Please order quickly to avoid disappointment, all the of the Diamond Jubilee memorabilia are hand made and very limited.

A perfect way to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in your own home and have a souvenir to keep the memory alive for years to come.

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The Halcyon Days Royal Portrait Porcelain Collection Mug (102/dj007) commemorative souvenir gift memorabilia is beautifully hand made in England of fine bone china.  The mug is 8.5 cm high and costs just £25.

The text around the silhouette of The Queen reads:
To Celebrate the Queen's
Diamond Jubilee 2012 
The Halcyon Days - Diamond Jubilee Commemorative - Royal Portrait Mug presenting The Queen's silhouette of her head and shoulders.

The reverse of the Halcyon Days Royal Portrait Mug is decorated with Royal Cypher.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lunar Suede, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

A Royal Stamp Extravaganza . . Thanks to Lunar Suede for this addition to the Jubilee Mail Art celebration. The piece is made from his father's stamps colection - the centre hold a bundle of 100 stamps.

Diamond Jubilee sales picking up the pace, don't miss out!

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee commemorative gifts and souvenirs are selling quickly at Wheelers Luxury Gifts, so if you would like one of these hand made - fine bone china memorabilia pieces to remember the Queen's 60th year at the throne, why not treat yourself or a special friend to one of these fine gifts made in England.

We stock all of the most respectable brands including: Aynsley China, Dunoon, Halcyon Days, James Sadler, Prouna, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Worcester, Wedgwood and William Edwards.

At Wheelers the staff are trained specialist in Diamond Jubilee memorabilia, so if you would like any help feel free to contact us.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Collectables & Memorabilia Newsletter 2012

Wheelers Luxury Gifts have just delivered a Newsletter to thousands of Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee customers.  So if you would like to get you're very own commemorative souvenir gift you should take a look at our Diamond Jubilee memorabilia online now before our stock runs dry.  We provide Free U.K. delivery and ship Worldwide, if you have any questions feel free to get in contact and we will do our best to help you.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dunoon Teapot £59.95 - Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Gifts

Time for tea? Here's a lovely teapot designed by Dunoon for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  The commemorative teapot QDJ-H-TEA costs just £59.95 and what a special piece to treasure in memory of this momentous occasion.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Teapot souvenir from Dunoon is delightfully finished with 22 Carat gold to celebrate H.M Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. 
This stunning Diamond Jubilee commemorative gift centres Her Majesty's famous silhouette worked in with the traditional design of the Royal Crest. 
The reverse of the Teapot is decorated with the royal initials while the piece, in its entirety, is adorned with gold leaf elements of the Royal Crest and vine motifs. 
This fine bone china teapot from Dunoon makes a wonderful keepsake of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Dunoon Teapot £59.95 at Wheelers Luxury Gifts