Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Medal

When I look for Diamond Jubilee commemorative souvenirs and gifts, I often find myself with Google returning results with the Diamond Jubilee Medal.  As I’m interested in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee collectables and memorabilia by such brands as Aynsley China, William Edwards, Halcyon days to name a few fine bone china producers, I’m not very interested in the medal.  But now I’m intrigued with many questions; what is this medal, where can I get it or who is it for?

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

After some research I have discovered that Jeremy Hunt, who is the Culture Secretary for the Diamond Jubilee Medal has confirmed a design and that the medal is presented  to the  armed forces, emergency services and prison service, among others.

“It is right that we reward those people who, like The Queen, also dedicate their lives to public good and who represent the very best of the British spirit,” Mr Hunt said. “I hope the official medal will serve as a mark of thanks to all those who give so much in the name of society and public service and I extend my congratulations to all the recipients.” – Source DCMS

Diamond Jubilee Medal
I think it looks good silver and burgundy colours, the Queen, her Diamond Jubilee years and the crown presented.

What do you think you of the Diamond Jubilee Medal?

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