Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Gifts - Aynsley China Crown Plate (COMW61714) £44.95

To celebrate the Queen's reign for 60 years Aynsley China have designed and created by hand in Stoke-on-Trent, England, U.K. a collection of fine bone china Diamond Jubilee memorabilia commemorative, collectable, souvenir gifts.  One of the fabulously hand made fine bone china commemoratives is the Diamond Jubilee Aynsley China Crown Plate (COMW61714) which features the Queen's Coat of Arms and Kings & Queens of England, this collectable is also richly presented in Royal purple and the diameter is 26.5 cm.  The Diamond Jubilee Aynsley Crown Plate retails at £44.95 (Price correct at time of posting) and can be purchased from Wheelers Luxury Gifts which includes free U.K. delivery and ships worldwide. If you are looking for a different Diamond Jubilee Aynsley China commemorative try here or if you would like to see all Diamond Jubilee commemorative souvenir gifts and memorabilia try here.

Diamond Jubilee Aynsley China souvenir gifts, what do you think?

Is this Diamond Jubilee Crown Plate by Aynsley China commemorative gift of interest to you, perhaps your favourite or are you unsure and would like to know more details, please send a comment below and I will post back, it is great to know what people are thinking of these fantastically made Diamond Jubilee gifts.

Diamond Jubilee Aynsley China Crown Plate Pictures

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Aynsley China collectable commemorative souvenir gifts and memorabilia.
Back stamp view showing details of this Queen's Diamond Jubilee Commemorative.
The Aynsley China Diamond Jubilee Crown Plate comes presented in an attractive gift box.
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Aynsley China collectable commemorative gifts.

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