Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedgwood Royal Wedding Commemorative Souvenirs now in stock!

Wheelers Luxury Gifts have all the three Wedgwood Royal Wedding commemorative gifts in stock and ready for delivery.  If you would like one of these lovely Royal Wedding collectable souvenirs to commemorate the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, then why not treat yourself to a Wedgwood Royal Wedding Plate, Mug and Trinket Box.

Visit Wedgwood Royal Wedding commemorative souvenirs

This Royal Wedding plate to commemorate the marriage of Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton.

With a history of association with Royal events Wedgwood is producing a range of commemorative gift ware pieces. Inspiration is taken from the Wedgwood, Renaissance Gold pattern with its "repeated ring" motif. Central to the pattern is the couple in iconic Wedgwood "Cameo" style and to reflect the engagement ring all the items are in deep sapphire blue and gold.

Wedgwood Royal Wedding souvenirs in stock!

Or perhaps you would like to view more Royal Wedding collectable gifts at Wheelers Luxury Gifts.

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